Marco Looy & Jannes Faber

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It's a shame but I sold my porsche 924 S in februari 2002.

This was my porsche 924S. Build late 1985. All wheels have disk brakes. The car was imported from Belgium. It has a 2.5L porsche engine, like the one in the 944. The top speed is 225 Kph ( 140 Mph) says porsche, It does 250 Kph (156 Mph) on the clock. Because my engine was rebuild to a normal 944 engine it has 163 Hp (normal 150 Hp). I do everything myself on the car. I installed electric windows (the original ones), a right mirror, electric seats (from a 928), power steering from a 944.

It drives perfect, it is easy to drive (fast) because of the balanced weight of the car. Front engine and the gearbox in the rear, unlike a 911 that has everyting in the back. And of course it's much cheaper to keep it running. I also drive it on the circuit sometimes. Mostly on Zandvoort (Netherlands) or Zolder (Belgium). I am a member of the Dutch porsche 924 club. The porsche 924 club organizes meetings with other car clubs, technical meetings, trips to the cicuits, etc.


Some pictures:
Hood cap
Left side
Racing front
Left side lights on
Right side lights on
Right side lights on to