My EX 944 Turbo S.

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Marco Looy & Jannes Faber

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This is my ex 944 Turbo S from 1988, I had it with some friends from 2001-2004. It is one of the thousand that are build. It also is the fastest production 944 ever build. After these cars were build the 'normal' turbo got the same 250 Hp engine (before 220 Hp). It has a top speed of 260 Kph. It does 0-100 Kmh (60 Mph) in just 5.7 sec. For more specifications, check out the technical part for 944.

The previous owner drove over a sidewalk or something. There is (repaired) damage from the front the the back at the bottom of the car. Everything was repaired pretty good. We immediatly replaced the clutch, brakes, belts and oil. (Just to be sure).

Now we've bought new computers with weltmeister chips in it. Unbelievable how much powergain we have (see table below). We've been to the circuit with it, 911's are so slow :). 911 Turbo models before the 993 had no change, I just drove by them on the straight. Normal 993 models (carrera 4, etc) could not keep up with us, even 996 couldn't (but they were probaly more carefull with their car). There were also 2 996 Turbos on the circuit and that is one fast car.

With the new computers it should do 0-100 Kmh (60 Mph) in about 4,9 sec. Here are power specifications (got them from automotion):

1 Lb/Ft = 1.356 Nm
944 TurboS 1988 and 944 Turbo 1989 Power Increase at Flywheel
RPMStock HpNew Hp+Hp+%Stock TorqueNew Torque+Ft/Lb+%


Interior 80 Kb 42 Kb 76 Kb
Front 44 Kb 39 Kb
Side 48 Kb 34 Kb
Engine 93 Kb