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A lot of people asked me what to check for when buying a 924 or 944. Off course like with every car you should check the interior and exterior for damage and wear. That's why these questions where mainly about the engine and other mechanical parts. On this page I have created a checklist that contains what to check when buying a 924/944 and how worse it is.

CheckHow ?DescriptionCauseIs it worse ?
Engine sound ? ..SqueekingWaterpumpReplace ($$$)
..SqueekingBelt wheelsReplace ($$$)
When were engine belts replaced ?On belt coverNo date or > 80000 KmReplace belts$50
Oil presure with warm idle engine ?In carShould be +/- 2 barEngine worn outNew engine
Smoke from exhaust with warm engine ? Hit gas suddenlyBluePiston ringsUses oil, drivable
BlackFilt in exhaustNo
WhiteWater, head gasket leaksNew head gasket
Oil color ? Oil measure pinWhiteHead gasket leaksNew head gasket
How does clutch feel/sound ?PedalRattling, squeekingReplace clutchNew clutch ($$$)
How do wheels feel/sound ? Front, Shake wheelClickingTighten bearingNo
Rear, Shake wheelClickingReplace bearing$50

For more tips check Obin's 924 buyers guide ?

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